Excavator main control valve

Hengli multi-way valves include open center control valve, load sensing control valve and flow sharing control valve and they are applied in various industries like engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery and other fields.

Load sensing multi-way control valve

The HVSP series multi-way control valve is a load-sensing valve developed for mobile machinery with single section maximum flow up to 200L/min. The HVSP series is a kind of post-pressure compensation load-sensing multi-way control valve, which precisely controls the flow independent from the pressure change.

Open center multi-way control valve

The HVSH series is a kind of open center multi-way control valve developed for municipal vehicles. With rated flow up to 80L/min and various control modes such as manual, pneumatic control, electric control, electro-hydraulic control, etc., this series is suitable for various types of municipal vehicles.

Pilot Control Device

Light and flexible, using high-quality raw materials and advanced surface treatment process, optimized ergonomic design to ensure its durability, reliability, stability and comfortable operation.

Load Holding Valve / Motion Control Valve

The two-way hydraulic check valve is in plate mounted design and applies a tubular connection. A variety of size options are available for a wider range of flow requirements. The optional area ratio and cracking pressure make this series of valves suitable for various application requirements and the mature process ability of Hengli guarantees the good locking performance.