Variable Pumps

Variable displacement axial piston pumps operated according to the bent swashplate principle. They adjust the geometric delivery volume from maximum to zero with the help of controllers and regulatory agencies. As a result , they vary the volumetric flow that is provided to the loads. HAWE InLine variable axial piston pumps have advantages in high power density, high reliability, multi-regulators, etc, they are widely used in industry, ship building, marine engineering, mobile machine and so on.

Fixed Pumps

Fixed displacement axial piston pumps operate according to the bent axis principle. They have a constant output volume and therefore deliver a constant flow rate at a specific rotation speed.The axial piston pump type K60N is designed for open circuits in mobile hydraulics and operates based on the bent axis principle.The pump is fitted mainly to the power take-off on commercial vehicle transmissions.

Closed Pumps

HAWE-InLine closed-loop pumps is known for its high impact resistance and high reliability. Can be widely used in industrial and mobile machinery.

Closed-loop Controller

For the pumps series V30, V80 a regulator kit was developed which consist of a variable pump with an electro proportional flow control, a digital control card with microprocessor and according to requirement necessary pressure sensor.