Pilot operated proportional directional valves

NG 16

Up to 350 bar , Up to 450 L/min

  • Pilot operated 2-stage fast response valve, closed loop control of the direction and flow.
  • Suitable for closed loop control of position, velocity, pressure and force.
  • Main spool and pilot spool with electrical position feedback.
  • With integrated control electronics
  • Subplate mounting, Porting pattern to ISO4401-07-07.
 Weight kg 13
 Nominal flow , at ΔP=10 bar L/min 200
 Hysteresis % ≤0.1
 Repeatable accuracy %  ±0.1
 Response time  ms <25
 Temperature drift %  <1 , atΔT=40℃
 Operating pressure Ports A,B,P,X bar 350 bar
Port Y bar <10 bar
Port T bar 250 bar
 Pressure fluid  Mineral oil-Suitable for FKM and NBR seals Phosphate oil- Suitable for FKM seals
 Fluid temperature range  -20…+80℃
 Viscosity range mm2/s  20 to 380(preferably 30 to 45)
 Degree of contamination  Max. permissible degree is to NAS1638 Class 9 and ISO440620/18/Class15
 Power Supply Nominal voltage +24VDC
consumption  Vrms=21~32Vmax(Max. peak 10%Vpp)
 Power, Max. W 50W
 Input reference signal  Voltage ±10VDC
 Current 4~20mA
 Monitor signal  ±10VDC(Max. resistance current 5mA)
 Enbale signal  Voltage 0~5VDC(unenable), 9~24VDC(enable)
  Working temperature  -20…+50
 Degree of valve protection IP 67
 Recommended connection cable  LiYCY shield cable, recommend 0.5mm²cable within length of 40m, others choose 1.5mm²

4WRTE16...L1X Pilot Operated Proportional Directional Valve

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