Plug-in amplifier

Analog amplifier for controlling proportional valves (pressure and directional valves) without position control.

  • Differential input
  • Ramp time adjustable (60 ms...5 s)
  • Sensitivity, valve zero point, dither frequency adjustable
  • Operating voltage 24 V
Supply voltage nom. 24 V = Solenoid2.5A Battery voltage 10.2…31V Rectified voltage 10.2…27V
Solenoid1.6A Battery voltage 18…31V Rectified voltage 18…27V
Solenoid0.8A Battery voltage 21…31V Rectified voltage 21…27V
Residual ripple < 2VSS
Power consumption max. Va 55 (see valve data)
Command value 0…10V
4…20 mA
Output Imax=2.5A(rectangular voltage, pulse-modulated) Imax=0.8A(rectangular voltage, pulse-modulated) Imax=1.6A(rectangular voltage, pulse-modulated)
Ramp time 60ms…5s
Dither frequency range Hz 95…340
Zero point calibration range See characteristic curves
Sensitivity adjustment range
Special features LED (green): Supply voltage is available, Clocked output stage, Fast energization for short actuating times, Adjustments via trimming potentiometer.
Protection class IP 65, in plugged condition
Electro-magnetic compatibility tested according to EN 61000-6-2: 2002-08 EN 61000-6-3: 2002-08
Design Connector housing
Connections – Solenoid – UB,command value DIN 43650 Cable 5×0.75mm2, shielded incl. PE
Ambient temperature °C -20…+70
Storage temperature range °C -20…+85
Weight  m 0.23 kg

VT-SSPA1 Plug-In Amplifier

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