Proportional pressure relief valve

NG 6

Max pressure 315bar , Nominal flow 1L/min

  • Direct operated valves for limiting system pressure
  • Adjustable by means of the solenoid current, see performance curve, Technical data and selected valve electronics
  • Pressure limitation to a safe level even with electric failure (solenoid current I > Imax)
  • For subplate attachment, mounting hole configuration to ISO 4401-03-02
  • External trigger electronics with ramps and valve calibration (order separately)
 Construction  Poppet valve, direct drive
 Actuation  Proportional solenoid without position control, external amplifier
 Connection type  Subplate, mounting hole configuration NG6 (ISO 4401-03-02-0-05)
 Mounting position  Optional
 Ambient temperature range  -20…+50
 Weight Kg  about 2.1
 Vibration resistance, test condition  Max. 25 g, shaken in 3 dimensions (24 h)
 Hydraulic    (measured with HLP 46, Voil=40℃±5℃)
 Pressure fluid  Hydraulic oil to DIN 51524…535, other fluids after prior consultation
 Viscosity range  recommended mm²/s  20…100
 max. permitted mm²/s  10…800
 Pressure fluid temperature range  -20…+80
 Maximum permitted degree of contamination of pressure fluid Purity class to ISO 4406(c)   Class 18/16/13
 Direction of flow   See symbol
 Max. set pressure (at Q = 1 l/min) bar 50 80 180 250 315
 Minimum pressure (at Q = 1 l/min) bar 2 3 4 5 8
 Max. working press. (at Q = 1 l/min) bar  Port P: 315
 Max. pressure bar  Port T: 250
 Max. mechanical pressure limitation level, e.g. when solenoid current I>Imax bar <55 <85 <186 <258 <325
 Hysteresis % ≤4
 Response time 100% signal change ms On<60 / Off<70
 Range of inversion % ≤3
 Cyclic duration factor % 100 ED
 Degree of protection  IP 65 to DIN 40050 and IEC 14434/5
 Solenoid connection  Plug-in connector to DIN EN 175301-803/ISO 4400
 Power  24VDCnom

DBETX...L1X Proportional Pressure Relief Valve

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