Proportional pressure relief valve

NG 6

Up to 350 bar , Up to 2 L/min

  • Direct actuated valve for the limitation of a system pressure
  • For subplates: Porting pattern to ISO 4401-03-02-0-05
  • 5 pressure stage
  • Control electronics for type DBET: Matching electronic amplifier VT-2000 or plug amplifier VT-SSPA1-...-L2X (separate order)
Pressure fluid  Mineral oils (HL, HLP) to DIN 51 524
 Further pressure fluids on request!
Pressure fluid temperature range  -30 to +80 (NBR)
 -20 to +80 (FKM)
Viscosity range mm2/s  15 to 380
Degree of contamination   Maximum permissible degree of fluid contamination: Class 9. NAS 1638 or 20/18/15, ISO4406
Operating pressure (port P) bar  350
Max. set pressure bar  50; 100; 200; 315; 350
Min. settable pressure  see characteristic curves
Min. settable pressure at 0 command value  =Min. settable pressure
Return pressure (port T) bar  Separate and at zero pressure to tank
Max.Flow L/min  2
Linearity  ± 3.5 % of max. settable pressure
Hysteresis (See setting pressure characteristic curve)  ± 1.5 % of max. settable pressure
Repeatability  < ± 2 % of max. settable pressure
Switching time ms  30 bis 150 (system dependent)

Electrical data

Supply voltage  24V DC
Min. control current mA  100
Max. control current mA  800
Coil resistance  5.5Ω Cold value at 20℃; Max. warm value: 8.05Ω
Duty  Continuous
Electrical connections  Plug-in connector to DIN EN 175301-803/ISO 4400
Valve protection to DIN 40 050  IP 65
Amplifier  VT-2000 or VT-SSPA1-…-L2X

DBET-L5X Proportional Pressure Relief Valve

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