3-way Proportional pressure reducing valve

NG 6 , Max pressure 100 bar

Max flow 15 L/min

  • Directly controlled proportional valves for the control of the pressure and direction of a flow
  • 3-Way design and standard ISO 4401-03 mounting
  • Operated via proportional solenoids with central thread and removable coil
  • Spring centred control spool
  • Hand override, optional
  • 3DREP: available module amplifier
  • 3DREPE: integrated electronics (OBE) with voltage input or current input (A1 resp. F1)
 Valve type 3DREP6…L2X 3DREPE6…L2X
 Voltage type DC
 Command value signal      Voltage input “A1”  – ±10V
 Max. current per solenoid A 1.5 2.5
 Solenoid coil resistance Cold value at 20 ℃ Ω 4.8 2
Max. warm value 7.2 3
 Duty % ED100%
 Coil temperature up to 150
 Valve protection to EN 60529 IP 65 with mounted and fixed plug-in connector
 Amplifier VT-VSPA2-…-L2X    integrated
 Supply voltage Nominal voltage VDC 24
Lower limiting value V 19
Upper limiting value V 35
 Amplifier current  consumption Imax  A 1.8
Impulse current  A 4