3-way Proportional pressure reducing valve, pilot operated

  • Component series L6X
  • NG 10 and 16
  • Max pressure 315 bar
  • Max flow: 125L/min(size 10) 300L/min(size 16)
Size 10 16
Weight 3DRE and 3DREM kg 7.7 10.2
3DREE and 3DREME kg 7.8 10.3
Installation orientation Optional, preferably horizontal
Storage temperature range -20 to +80
Ambient 3DRE and 3DREM -20 to +70
range 3DREE and 3DREME -20 to +50

Hydraulic ( measured with HLP46;ϑoil =40℃±5℃ and p = 100bar )

Size 10 16
Max. operating pressure Ports P, A and X bar 315 P and X=315;A=250
Port Y bar separately and at zero pressure to tank
Max. set pressure in channel A Pressure stage50bar bar 50 50
Pressure stage100bar bar 100 100
Pressure stage200bar bar 200 200
Pressure stage250bar bar 250
Pressure stage315bar bar 315
Min. set pressure channel A at zero command value see characteristic curves
Maximum pressure relief function (infinitely adjustable) Pressure stage 50bar bar Pressure adjustment range 30 to 70 Factor setting to 70bar
Pressure stage 100bar bar 50 to 130 to 130bar
Pressure stage 200bar bar 90 to 230 to 230bar
Pressure stage 250bar bar 100 to 250 to 250bar
Pressure stage 315 bar( size 10 only ) bar 150 to 350 to 350bar
Max. permissible flow L/min 125 300
Pilot oil flow L/min 1
Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil ( HL, HLP ) to DIN 51524;further hydraulic fluids on enquiry!
Hydraulic fluid temperature range -20 to +70
Viscosity range mm2/s 20 to 380
Degree of contamination Maximum permissible degree of fluid contamination:Class 9.NAS 1638 or 20/18/15, ISO4406
Hysteresis % ±2 of max. set pressure
Repeatability % < ±2 of max. set pressure
Linearity % ±3.5 of max. set pressure
Manufacturing tolerance of command value/ pressure char.curve, referred to hysteresis curve, increasing pressure 3DRE and 3DREM % ±2.5 of max. set pressure
3DREE and 3DREME % ±1.5 of max. set pressure
Switching time ms 100 to 200 (depending on system)

– Pilot operated valve for reducing a pressure (P to A) and limiting (A to T) a system pressure
– Actuation by proportional solenoid
– Maximum pressure relief function, optional
– Valve and control electronics from a single source
– Control electronics for type 3DRE(M):
• Analogue amplifier type VT-VSPA1(K)-1in Euro-card format
• Digital amplifier type VT-VSPD-1 in Euro-card format
• Analogue amplifier type VT 11131 of modular design
– Linear command value/pressure characteristic curve
– Integrated electronics (OBE) with type 3DRE(M)E:
• Low manufacturing tolerance of the command value/pressure characteristic curve
• Ramp times can be adjusted separately for pressure build-up

3DRE(M) and 3DRE(M)E Proportional pressure reducing valve

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