Hydraulic Cylinders

Every day, our engineers are facing different design challenges from new orders. We will firstly communicate with our customers who have rich operation experiences with the machines or systems. A comprehensive knowledge results from the mutual exchange is beneficial for resolution of new application issues. We have different focus according to different application: safety factor, weight optimization, cost optimization, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance and low maintenance and so on.
Whatever application it is—mining and drilling (impact load, heavy duty, dust), marine and offshore (extreme corrosive, low temperature), testing equipment (high speed and frequency)—our rich experience in sealing technology, surface technology, structure design makes our products extremely durable, which means a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.
With highest quality and competitive price, Hengli has won the trust of top brand customers around the world. Every year, we offer hundreds of thousands high-quality hydraulic cylinders for customers worldwide, Hengli cylinders are driving the world in every corner.