High performance municipal vehicle PTO pump

V60N series swash plate axial piston pump

The V60N series axial piston pump is a kind of open loop pump, mainly developed for the application of municipal vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles, lifting vehicles etc. The features as compact design, various flange options, PTO port connection and tandem pump option make it absolutely suitable for direct mounting to the truck PTO in a limit space while requiring no additional drive shaft. Besides the various controller options and high power to weight ratio make it more competitive than similar products on the market.


  • • Low noise level, higher working pressure up to 400 bar;
  • • Higher drive speed for higher speed performance;
  • • Highest efficiency output, less energy loss;
  • • Various controller options with all hydraulic functions, PTO controller available

LSNR controller

HVSH 14 series multi-way control hydraulic diagram

The HVSH series multi-way control valve with open circuit design is developed for municipal vehicles. Rated flow up to 80L/min, various control methods like manual, pneumatic, electrical control, electro-hydraulic available.

  • • Low pressure loss for energy saving
  • • Sandwich structure, flexible adjustment
  • • Secondary pressure valve, charge valve equipped
  • • Small size and light weight
  • • Various control methods like manual, pneumatic, electrical control, electro-hydraulic
  • HVSH-16

  • HVSH-14


Specifications HVSH14 HVSH16
Max. Pressure 350 bar
Rated Flow 70 L/min 80 L/min
Operation Type Manual, pneumatic control structure Electro-pneumatic control structure,Electro-hydraulic control structure
Ingress Protection IP67
  • HVSH 14 series multi-way control hydraulic diagram
  • Pressure loss characteristic curve

CYV series automobile pneumatic control valve

  • • Aluminum alloy material, elegant appearance and light weight
  • • Ergonomic design, convenient and comfortable operation
  • • Sectional design for flexible diverse combinations
  • • Simple structure design, small volume for limit installation space
  • • Low pressure loss, good linearity and excellent sealing performance
  • CYV-1 control valve and hydraulic diagram

  • CYV-2 control valve and hydraulic diagram


Type CYV-1 CYV-2
Medium Compressed air through 50μ filter
Working pressure Max.  8bar Max.  7bar
Output pressure 0~8 bar 0~7 bar
Pressure loss Max.  1bar
Output flow 180L/min
Ambient and fluid temperature  -30℃ ~ +60℃
Manual operation force Max 4Nm by 8 bar Max 2Nm by 7 bar
Air supply pipe outer diameter φ 6mm φ 6mm or φ8mm
Exhaust pipe outer diameter G1/4 with muffler
Output pipe outer diameter φ 4mm φ 4mm


Fatigue test

Type CYV-1 CYV-2
Test method Non-stop communication operation
Test pressure 6 bar 4 bar
Operating frequency every 2 seconds every 1 second
Commutation times >100,000 >200,000
Test result No leakage, no damage of internal parts



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