Support for the sustainable development of energy technology

The development of new energy and new technology industries is an important measure for environment and ecological protection. This is also in line with the energy choice for the sustainable development of human society. Hengli has successfully participated in several projects in the fields of solar power, wind power, tidal energy and hydropower resources.

  • ﹥ Solar power project in Deccan Plateau, India: 481 set hydraulic stations, 962 set hydraulic cylinders
  • ﹥ Solar power project in Inner Mongolia: 16 set hydraulic stations, 32 set hydraulic cylinders
  • ﹥ Photothermal generation unit in Aksay, Gansu Province: 2440 push board cylinders
  • ﹥ Pitch cylinder for wind power unit
  • ﹥ Power cylinder for national wave power generation project
  • ……
  • Hydraulic pitch system for wind power unit

    Hengli, as the global partner for sustainable energy solutions, is always providing high performance and reliable hydraulic transmission and control solutions for applications both onshore and offshore. Hengli aims to provide the customer most suitable solution to reduce the project cost and support to guarantee the expected business value of each wind power project.

    10 key reliability tests

    • ﹥ Nominal stroke test
    • ﹥ Stroke test under ultimate load
    • ﹥ Friction test
    • ﹥ Speed test under ultimate load
    • ﹥ Pressure test
    • ﹥ Buffer test
    • ﹥ Speed test
    • ﹥ Lateral force test
    • ﹥ Ultimate load test
    • ﹥ Fatigue test

    Hydraulic elevating system of wind turbine installation vessel (WIV)

    Hydraulic elevating system is the core equipment of the self-propelled vessel, whose key technology was completely monopolized by foreign companies; through years’ of efforts, Hengli now is capable of providing hydraulic elevating systems and cylinders for wind turbine installation vessel, which contributes to the competitiveness of China's self-elevating vessels.

    Platform elevating hydraulic cylinder

    The operation of the elevating platform on the wind turbine installation vessel requires multiple large hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders designed and manufactured by Hengli have superior corrosion resistance and can reach over 10000h under the NSS salt spray test, ensuring even in harsh marine environment, the hydraulic cylinders also operate reliably for a long time.

    Solar heat collecting device tracking hydraulic system

    As a basic renewable energy source, solar energy has a broad development prospect. Hengli, as the earliest professional cylinder manufacturers for solar thermal power generation systems field in China, is providing customers with various types of solar thermal power control system products and solutions. Till now Hengli has made remarkable achievements for this field and established long-term cooperation with many customers.

    The Hengli cylinders for solar thermal power project can start smoothly at ultra-low moving speed without creeping or stick-slip. The special designed wiper sealing system is able to meet the application requirements of high temperature in dusty environment, ensuring long service life and good stability of the cylinder.