Marine and Offshore

Meet the application requirements of extreme environment situation

Hengli is providing various kinds of hydraulic cylinders, heavy duty piston pumps, control valve sets, hydraulic system solutions and surface coating solution ExpoNiteTM for applications under extreme environment situation such as marine, offshore engineering, offshore exploration etc. All products can perfectly meet the requirements of reliability, safety, high load-resistance and corrosion-resistance. Currently the products have been approved by major classification societies such as the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), the Norwegian Classification Society (DNV) and the Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR) and are classified according to the full traceability of the components.

  • ﹥ Mobile electro-hydraulic inline heave compensator
  • ﹥ HengliExpoNiteTM anti-corrosion coating solution specially for marine environment applications
  • ﹥ Electric control hydraulic control valve set for ship salvage
  • ﹥ Lifting cylinder and piston accumulator for crane
  • ﹥ Cylinder for mining platform blowout preventer (BOP) system and drill pipe compensation system
  • ﹥ Cylinder for drilling platform jacking and translation
  • ……
  • Cylinder for offshore applications

    Among various marine applications such as transportation, mining and exploration, hydraulic cylinders are key components of all kinds of working equipment and must have the ability to withstand corrosion and great forces. Hengli's technology and R&D centers serve the complex and diverse development and innovation of hydraulic cylinders and provide suitable application solutions to meet the requirements of all types of operations. All these efforts contribute to a stable long life time operation and safety of both cylinders and the whole equipment. Till now Hengli has provided ZPMC hydraulic climbing cylinders for 1,000-ton self-elevating wind power installation ship’s pile legs and developed the triple cylinder for TSC group platform blowout preventer (BOP) translation device.

    • •  Computer simulation design to ensure the excellent performance ;
    • •  Anti-corrosion coating of piston rod to improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance ;
    • •  Over 20 years of manufacturing experience in marine & offshore cylinder, proven process technology solutions ;
    • •  Independently developed sealing structure with seals from international famous brand ;
    • •  Single-stage or telescopic cylinders available, stroke of up to 22 meters .
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    Marine & offshore equipment hydraulic transmission and control system

    In the marine and offshore industries for applications such as drilling platforms, engineering operations vessels, safety and reliability requirements are extremely strict. Hengli, as a qualified and sustainable partner for the marine engineering industry, is always providing customers besides tailor-made safe and reliable hydraulic components and system solutions also global one stop service for development, production, installation. Deck hoisting, sliding system, lifting devices, heave compensator etc., the Hengli hydraulic transmission and system control technology solutions can be found everywhere in marine applications. For example, Hengli provides the hydraulic system of the wheel clamping device for ZPMC, hydraulic valve set and HPU hydraulic power unit for the drilling platform equipment, pumps for the marine ship winch, bidirectional InLine V30D series heavy duty piston pumps for large diesel engines and Inline V30E160cc~270cc displacement series pumps for floating backhoe dredger.

    Anti-corrosion coating solution for marine environment

    Hengli's excellent coating solutions and products for purposes such as surface anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, anti-oxidation, high-temperature can perfectly fulfill requirements for applications in harsh marine environment. A suitable coating solution is provided considering the specific application and cost requirement. With the support of the Swiss Metco spray system, the customer demand for anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and parts repair can be met. Also with this equipment the product performance can be improved effectively to ensure reliable long-term operation of the parts.

  • •  APS plasma spraying technology
  • •  High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coating technology
  • •  Laser cladding technology
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