Mobile heave compensator

Revolutionary offshore lifting technology

The system integration and performance of the new mobile inline heave compensator are far beyond the traditional ones. One set of heave compensator can be applied to multiple platform equipments and fulfill various offshore operations, thereby greatly improving the flexibility, efficiency and safety of offshore lifting operations and reducing the customers’ costs. The system is able to automatically adjust parameters according to load weight, providing excellent compensation for splash zone and profundal zone.


  • • Excellent compensation for splash zones and profundal zone

    • Mobile design, ready to use, high versatility

    •Convenient for combination operation with cranes or winches

    • Small size for saving deck space, lower construction cost than traditional crane compensation solution

  • • Suitable for fiber ropes, ideal solution for ship-to-ship lifting operations

    • Effectively reduce the dynamic load factor and improve the lifting capacity of the crane

    • Maximum working depth: 3,000 meters underwater

    • Independent from influences like load quality and shape, wave period

  • Plug & play
  • High system integration
  • Safer operation
  • Less project cost
  • Auto / Manual / ROV
  • Wider weather window
  • Extend wire rope lifetime
  • Long battery capacity
  • Time saving
  • Remote control & data logging
  • We remove

    The heave compensator is designed for complex lifting working conditions with active movements, it is suitable for multiple working modes like in the air, splash zone, subsea, landing and recycling. The maximum working depth is 3000 meters underwater with compensation accuracy over 95% based on functions as piston rod locking, rotation, fast lifting and so on. The SWL safe working load is 5~1200Te.


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